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Most students quit music lessons after a few months...

How do we keep our students

Happy and Motivated to take piano lessons

for more than 3, 4, and 5 years?

San Leandro Piano Lessons | Db Music & Dance
With the I.C.A.N.™ Play Music System!
Imagination. Connection.
Action. Nurture.

This is the success game plan Kevin developed to teach

over 500 students how to transform their playing into

something to be proud of: whether it was to play a duet

for their grandmother right before surgery,

performing in church, joining their school ensembles

playing for their school talent show,

or landing the lead role in the school musical...



IMAGINATION is the natural language of every child.

We tap into a child's imagination, and then teach music.

Children love learning music in a FUN and intuitive way!

Our lessons are never boring,

and are always exciting and fresh!

"Kevin has a way of​ teaching children music in a way that they can understand." Thu N.


We create CONNECTION by speaking as equals,

not a Top/Down or Teacher/Student approach.

We create instant rapport with our students.

They feel comfortable and ready to do their best

in their piano lessons!

San Leandro Piano Lessons | Db Music & Dance



Students are motivated to practice and come prepared

for their piano lessons! They grow week by week,

and then they are ready for their BIG PERFORMANCE!

"​My boys have been taking piano with Db Music for over two years now. We saw the improvement immediately when we started working with Kevin."



We nurture our students with Praise and Positive

Reinforcement for doing Good Work!

Students Receive Recognition and Win Prizes for

their Super Work! Students make music a part of

their identity. Children want to feel like they

belong to a group. We help them feel like they belong

This creates a value system the student can use

while in school and beyond!

"I love Kevin's methods. His patience and precision are also great qualities when working with kids." Luz M.

San Leandro Piano Lessons | Db Music & Dance



Piano Teacher San Leandro | Db Music & Dance

Hello there! I'm Kevin, and I am the owner of Db Music
in San Leandro, and your online piano lesson teacher.

As a child the one thing I most desired was to be a
brilliant musician. My heroes were Michael Jackson &
Eddie Van Halen. They made playing look effortless!

All I did was struggle to play even the easiest of piano
pieces as a child. I just didn’t “get it.”

Then I found Mrs. Sauer. She was a professional violinist
by age 16. She played piano and was a church organist
for over 40 years. She transformed my approach to
learning music & the piano from the very first lesson!
Gone went the years of going in circles.
I was on the direct path to having the
solid foundation that leads to 
future success in music.

That is my promise to you. Your child gets the same fundamental approach to building their musical IQ from the first lesson using my transformational 4-step I.C.A.N.™ play music system!

Stop wasting years of your child’s life in  
piano lessons that don't work as many of my
piano students had done before they found me.

The students had zero confidence in performing. They also missed notes all the time. They had the hardest time with reading the most basic music. Their rhythm was very poor. Worst of all was that they always over magnified their mistakes so they never felt like they "Got It" even when they performed well!

Every single student who developed bad habits and techniques under another teacher completely transformed their playing once they worked with me.

"Our oldest daughter was ready to give up piano. We found Kevin four years ago. Our daughter improved by leaps and bounds! She plays better that ever, and her comprehension is much more complete." Thu N.

Your child's happiness IS your happiness.

The joy you both get from success is priceless.

Now I can say, as a teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience, I love teaching music! I love seeing a student smile and their shining faces in their "A-ha" moments. I feel I have something substantial to offer each of my students not only in terms of music, but of human connection.

During Our Piano Lessons We Emphasize

That each student play at their own pace.

This is one of the key ingredients to learning

​Mrs. Sauer only asked me ​ONE TIME in years of lessons

to play a scale, not even a whole song, "a little faster."

This is also what most other teachers get

100% percent wrong when teaching their students.

As soon as the student plays the part correctly once or twice

they are immediately encouraged to play it faster

with no mistakes by the next lesson!

Why create all that unnecessary anxiety for the student,

and make them want to quit piano lessons?

This is the exactly what one of my students

experienced before joining my studio.

"I highly recommend Kevin as someone I know who can keep children at different ages, levels of skill, and motivation to feel good about piano and develop at a pace that works for them." Gabriel E.

Watch how this student plays at her pace which is the KEY performing confidently! Notice how beautifully her hands stay on the keys!


We've researched countless materials,

and use the best kid-friendly piano books

for maximum comprehension.

Our students beg for more!

The children love performing songs like

"Quiet River" "Toymaker's Dance" The Caravan"

"Fiesta" "I've Been Wishin" and "Jingle Bells"

Children are much more MOTIVATED TO PRACTICE

when they get to play songs they like.

You can watch Kevin go through what a

1st piano lesson looks like.

Kevin uses three main points to make sure students

  1. Feel Welcome and Instantly Curious,
  2. Have Fun through Imagination, and
  3. Feel excited about learning music!


Our Program Is Perfect For:
  • Parents with kids aged 5-15 years old.
  • Parents who want their child to build a Strong Foundation in Music and Artistic Expression.
  • Parents who want their child to be a Confident Young Pianist and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner.

Want to find out if we could be a good fit?

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If you talk with other parents,
you will hear why students
stay in their piano lessons!



"... Now, our second daughter has started with Kevin and he has been very patient with her. She continues to progress weekly!"Thu N.

"...Kevin has so much patience and fun ways to keep kids entertained while learning..." MariCruz. C

"...He worked on techniques, posture and most important, reading music. Before that, all they played and knew was based on repetition..." Luz M.

"...we've continued with online lessons during the recent months. I highly recommend Kevin as someone who I know can keep children at different ages, levels of skill and motivation feel good about piano and develop at a pace that works for them." Gabriel E.

  • I believe All Children Can Learn Music with the right support, attention, and practice strategies.
  • With Commitment and a specialized teaching style, Db Music helped more than 500 students learn piano from the ground up.
  • Db Music aims to nurture students to have an appreciation of the arts and have fun learning music.
  • We accomplish this with the use of Kevin's I.C.A.N. system, the effective use of course materials, and going at each student's pace.
  • The ultimate goal of Db Music is to nurture Motivated and Confident Young Musicians who want to build life-long musical memories.
San Leandro Piano Lessons | Db Music & Dance

Db Music Studio features a Baby Grand piano

and waiting area for parents and siblings:

Music lessons in San Leandro
Db Music and Dance is conveniently located near
Freeway 880 in the heart of San Leandro.
We are between Wayne and Pacific Ave.
1121 Davis Street, 94577

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